Our Courses

Fundamental Analysis

  • Introduction of Fundamental Analysis.
  • Top-Down v/s Bottom Down Approach
  • Ratio Analysis and its uses in a live market
  • Value Stocks v/s Growth Stocks
  • Reading Balance sheet and Income Statements like Market Professionals
  • Different ways to calculate the Intrinsic Value of a Stock.
  • How to choose value stocks
  • How to choose growth stocks
  • Combing Technical Analysis with Fundamental Analysis
  • Using Excel to make Fundamental Analysis easier, more accurate, and precise.
  • Stock Screening process


Technical Analysis

  • Introduction to Technical Analysis and its features
  • Trend Analysis of stock market
  • Support and Resistance level of stock and index
  • Major oscillators in the market
  • Major indicators and their uses in a live market
  • Major price pattern and its uses
  • Candle chart and its major pattern
  • Major Reversal and continuous Patterns
  • How to make entry and exit decisions using a technical approach
  • Moving average and its uses in different combination
  • How to use a moving average to generate buy and sell signal
  • Limitation of technical analysis
  • Combination of technical and fundamental tools
  • How to select stock after checking all technical tools and techniques
  • STA prop. tools and combination of technical analysis

Derivatives Programme

  • Introduction to the derivatives market and its product features
  • Know the rules of the derivatives trading
  • Clearing and settlement for future and option market
  • How to use derivatives for risk management trading tools
  • How to make hedging using derivatives and its product
  • How to get profit in Arbitrage using derivatives
  • How to calculate risk and reward ratio in the derivatives market
  • How to calculate brokerage in the future and option segment
  • Importance and Interpretation of Open Interest
  • Put/ Call Ratio and its Implication
  • What is Greeks and its uses in derivatives trading
  • Options trading strategy and its uses in a live market
  • What to do and don’t in the derivatives trading
  • Live trading session with the latest case studies


  • Introduction to the option strategy program
  • Understand the concept of a Call option
  • Understand the concept of the Put option
  • Understand the stock & combo strategy
  • Understand the concept of time decay
  • Understand the concept of IV
  • Concept of option Greeks, delta, gamma, Vega, theta
  • What is option market structure
  • Concept of buying a call option
  • Concept of buy a put option
  • Understand the strategy & optimization
  • Understand the single option adjustments
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